The Civil War (+150) Has Begun

Interior view of Fort Sumter on the 14th April 1861, after its evacuation by Major Robert Anderson, 1st Artillery. U.S.A. Commanding. National Archives ARC Identifier 532292 / Local Identifier 121-B-A914A

The commemoration of the American Civil War has begun, one hundred and fifty years after the Battle of Fort Sumter first began. In two days, the battle would be won by the Confederacy.

We marked the beginning of the Civil War one hundred and fifty years later by kicking off a Twitter feed that will feature at least the 382 most prominent battles of the Civil War, as they began, 150 years ago to the day. We are working on gathering metadata and data sets from numerous local, state, and federal institutions and will be bringing those online in raw data form in the coming weeks and months. Over the next two years, we’ll be refining and linking that data to create a web of Civil War data that reaches beyond the boundaries of state and federal websites, and we’ll be recruiting your help to make all of this happen. So stay tuned, and follow CWD150 on Twitter, and soon other social media outlets like Facebook.

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